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Nippon Energy is a multi-national solar company that provides and offers, financing, engineering and contracting solutions for commercial, industrial, small and mid-utility scale projects which fulfil customer expectations and concerns.

Nippon Energy does not discriminate and also does not create a divide amongst its customer, to us the expanse and the magnitude does not matter, what matters is the execution to keep all our customers equally satisfied with our service. As an international solar team of experts who have over 800 MW of global experience, we ensure compliance to all.

Regulatory authorities. We aim to encourage more businesses and governments to utilize the benefits of solar energy. It would not only support the environment but also provide meaningful savings on electricity, bills and support net-zero targets. As we say and believe, It’s Time To Go Solar!

Ours is a multi-national solar company that is engaged in offering the best solar power solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We also provide solutions to small and mid-utility-scale projects as per their requirements. Being the best Solar Power Solution Provider Company in the UAE, we are widely recognized by clients for offering the best, most reliable, and most affordable solar power solutions to the clients. We have a team of professionals, who are capable of conducting the solar power installation work with precision and without wasting any time.

The execution of the solar power solution is commenced on our part with utmost perfection as our professionals keep a stringent check on each and every step. This is the reason why our clients highly prefer and recommend us for solar power solution work. There are several advantages of solar power solutions owing to which they are highly in demand. The foremost is saving energy and electricity costs. It helps in saving a lot of electricity bills and it ensures a clean and green environment. Solar energy is the most eco-friendly way of getting energy for industrial and commercial purposes.

Our solar power solutions are based on the latest techniques and thus, they are highly efficient and productive. This renewable source of energy helps in offering a greener world and is thus, widely accepted across the globe nowadays. We are also known for providing customized solar energy services to clients to meet their exact requirements. We have solutions for both residential and commercial solar systems. We are completely dedicated to providing 100% satisfaction to the customers. This is the reason why we have a long list of repeated clients. Moreover, we provide our competent solutions at the most affordable prices. Contact us to get our solutions now!

Our Vision

What makes Nippon Energy different is our Vision, we aim to deliver a greener world. We want to be leaders in the renewable energy market by providing innovative, cost-effective and reliable energy solutions that would strive towards a better greener world.

Our Mission

The world needs a more resourceful green environment and to contribute to this ideology, we want to contribute globally through various “go green” initiatives by introducing renewable energy projects as not just alternatives but a primary source resource. By building retrofits of the highest quality of products would have the latest technology and this would improve and optimize energy utilization through eco-friendly and effective solutions aimed for buildings retrofits.

Our Leadership Team

Michitake Yamamoto

Started Nippon group in 2014 in Japan cooperating with the Booth Consulting. Expanded the breathe to renewable energy field, and the coverage to gulf countries. In 2021, I formally took over the GCC operation and act as a CEO and MD of Nippon Energy

Hiroyasu Watanabe

Hiroyasu Watanabe is one of the most important members and leaders of Nippon Energy. Hiroyasu Watanabe is the CFO and BOD of Nippon Energy. Hiroyasu Watanabe, with his passion, hard work and zeal has made an empire out of Nippon Energy and has also helped people gain awareness about the aim of Nippon Energy. He through Nippon Energy wants to create a green world, which would be useful, cost-effective and create a better world for everyone. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of Nippon Energy and has more than 15 years of experience, managing large scale projects in Japan and the Middle East made Nippon Energy be a leading name in the industry.

Kaiji Yoshida

Kaiji Yoshida is a crucial and important member of the team of Nippon Energy. Kaiji Yoshida is the finance name and BOD of Nippon Energy. He has made Nippon Energy a stronger establishment with his knowledge, dedication and passion. He has made a name for himself through his hard work and established the Nippon group as a leading figure in the industrial field. He has with his meticulous research and work has created a team within Nippon Energy to make it grow further and become a dominant name in the entire globe. He has over 20 years of experience in USAID renewable funding projects in development.

Eiji Okada

Eiji Okada might be the first name that comes to find when one thinks of Nippon Energy. Eiji Okada, with his passion, dedication, knowledge and hard work built Nippon Energy and took it to the zenith of success. Eiji Okada is the energy specialist and also the BOD of Nippon Energy. But what makes him a distinct figure is that he is the founding member of the company and the leader who helped in the development of Nippon Energy. Eiji Okada is the founder of the Nippon Group and has 15 years of vast experience as a renewable specialist, who is helping to spread awareness about a cleaner environment.

Why work with us?

What makes us unique are our team and the opportunities we provide, joining us would not only be beneficial to individuals but the world as a whole. We are the Top Rated Solar Company in California.
If one partner with us, they are going to enjoy various benefits, amongst them a few are:

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Dedication to 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our Impeccable Reputation

Our Complete Solar Solutions

Our Customized Solar Energy Services

Our Residential Solar Power Systems

Our Commercial Solar Systems

We definitely Love what we Do!

Why must you choose Nippon Energy?

There are various reasons to choose Nippon Energy, such as:

  • Complete Solar Solutions for Home and Business: Nippon Energy makes solar energy simple. So, we offer a complete range of solar solutions, which include custom designs, planning, financing, installation, maintenance, and even obtain permits and coordinate with the electric company so that the customer does not have to.
  • Our Commitment to Excellence: Nippon Energy believes in its vision and is proud to offer complete solar solutions to everyone through our company from impeccable customer service to thorough solar panel installations. Nippon Energy is committed only to excellence in whatever we do.
  • Competitive Rates, Warranties and Financing Options: Nippon Energy wants everyone to have access to renewable energy to power their businesses and homes. Therefore, we provide competitive rates, sensible financing options and steadfast warranty options to protect all the needs of the users.
  • Our Technicians Handle the Entire Installation: The users’ confidence is of the most importance to us and we want them to have peace of mind throughout the process. Unlike any other solar company, Nippon Energy handles everything from the solar design and planning to the system installation and we never rely on subcontractors. Guaranteeing a safe and flawless running of the process, providing the customer utmost satisfaction.

Contact Details


Head Office:

3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 163-1445, Japan.

Phone number: +81 90-1216-7721

Email address: [email protected]


Dubai Office:

Office no 202 AL Reyami Building Behind Karama Post Office, Dubai, UAE

Phone number: +971 4 318 0291

Email address: [email protected]


KSA Office

Airport Road, Qurtubah, Riyadh 13244,Saudi Arabia

Email address: [email protected]

 Phone +966114007224


Europe Office

Ib vogt GmbH Helmholtzstr. 2-9  10587 Berlin Germany 

 +49 30 397445-0 ( [email protected] )

Pakistan Lahore Office:

1st Floor 755, Block C Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone number: +92 423 5177777 : +92 423 5195888

Email address: [email protected]

Pakistan Karachi Office:

M-101, Mezzanine Floor, Columbus Tower, Block-8 Clifton, Karachi

Email address: [email protected]

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