Nippon Energy has established a company in Pakistan that provides cost-effective and innovative solar solutions. In the past few years, Nippon Energy has worked to establish a design and execute some of the most efficient solar projects in the region. These solutions enable businesses to achieve their sustainability goals, reduce their electricity bills, and cut down on their carbon emissions, ultimately providing the vision of a greener world. Nippon Energy provides CAPAX, bank financing, and also Solar PPA in the region.


Do you need a reliable Solar Solutions Company in Pakistan? Contact us. We are one of the most trustworthy names in the industry offering the best solar energy solutions to clients. Our solutions are energy efficient and help in saving a lot of electricity bills. We provide different types of solar solutions like solar panels, solar rooftops, solar ground mounting, solar carports, and many more. We make sure that our solar solutions help in offering the best alternative to their electric counterpart. Thus, this is a greener initiative that helps in making the environment clean and healthy.


If you need a professional Solar System Installation in Pakistan, then contact us. We have the best and most professional team that undertakes the installation process with precision and makes sure that the installation is done in the correct way. Our charges for solar system installation are nominal. This is the reason why our clients prefer and recommend us. Being the Best Solar Company in Pakistan, we are highly in demand by the clients. Our solutions are up to the mark and we make sure that our solar solutions will not get affected by any type of external factors.


Get in touch with the best Solar Energy Company Pakistan by contacting us. We are one of the pioneers in the solar system industry and thus, provide only the best solar solutions to our clients. There are numerous benefits of our solar system including an economical alternative to the electric components, zero maintenance for a long period, easy repair and maintenance, and many more. Owing to these advantages, people are getting shifted to make use of solar solutions in both residential and commercial sectors. Clients can contact us anytime to get our solar systems installed as per their specific requirements.

Our Solutions in Pakistan

Nippon Energy owns the asset Ownership The customer owns the asset
Zero upfront investment by the customer. Could be instead invested that capital into its core business  INVESTMENT 100% investment borne by the customer
Quickly replicable and scalable because additional projects do not need internal CAPEX approvals MANAGEMENT APPROVAL TIMELINES Typically requires the long lead time for CAPEX approvals at the senior management level
Pay only for electricity generated, no other hidden costs WHAT DO YOU PAY FOR Pay only for O&M charges after system purchase, no tariff for the solar energy generated
20-40% cheaper than Grid electricity Tariff PER UNIT SAVING Capital repaid through generated electricity
Turnkey solution, therefore Nippon Energy bears O&M cost O&M Customer pays separately for O&M
Savings from day 1(Zero days) PAYBACK As high as 4 years
Nippon Energy handles all the technical matters TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW The technical team is needed at the customer’s end to evaluate system design, installation and operation
Nippon Energy bears all the performance risks and is incentivized to maximized generation because of the revenues being linked entirely to the generation PERFORMANCE RISK The customer bears all the performance risks and must manage equipment and downtime losses




Our Projects

Project Name:Al Karam Textil...

Project Size:5200 KWp


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Al Karam Textile Solar Rooftop

Project Name:TIP Control She...

Project Size:800 KWp


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TIP Control Shed Solar Rooftop

Project Name:Sapphire Textil...

Project Size:5.5MWp


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Sapphire Textiles Mills LTD



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