Solar Rooftop

When it comes to rooftop solutions providers, Nippon Energy is the most trusted and most dependable.

Nippon Energy is Japan/GCC's leading integrated solar player and excels across the solar value chain from the manufacturing of cell/modules and solar products to executing rooftop and utility-scale solar projects.

The pioneers in Japan/GCC rooftop domain for more than 8 years and have commissioned our first solar installation in 2014 and as of today installed base of more than 200 MW of rooftop systems. GCC/JAPAN leading Corporates, MNCs and Institutions have chosen to work with us as their trusted partner in their journey towards a green environment. With over 10,000 residential and commercial customers, we are the partner of choice. And it is our satisfied customers, who are our testament of quality and execution through excellence.

Offering turnkey solar solutions from designing and installation to maintenance, we leave our customers free to solely focus on their core business. Just provide us access to your roofs and leave the rest to us. However before you commission a rooftop solar plant, a few feasibility checks need to be conducted. You could easily conduct them yourselves or even better, leave the hassle to us, as we would be sending our experts for a check.

We are one of the best solar rooftop solution providers in the UAE. We offer integrated solutions to clients related to Solar Rooftop in the UAE. We have commissioned a lot of projects related to solar rooftops since our inception. Our professionals are highly efficient in executing the work with complete efficiency and without any flaw. This is the reason why our products and services are widely in demand. We make sure that our solar rooftop products are manufactured using the finest quality material and provide the best solution that helps in decreasing the electricity costs. To get the best solutions for Solar Rooftop in the UAE, contact us.

We are known as the most trusted Solar Leasing Company in the UAE that offers the best solar energy solutions including solar rooftop settings. Solar rooftop is the best way to get energy converted into electricity in both commercial and residential places. It is the best way to ensure a greener environment. Our professionals are the best in rendering the safest solar rooftop solutions to clients. And, if you are looking for Solar Leasing in the UAE, then contact us. We offer solar solutions on a lease basis also.

There are numerous benefits of rooftop solutions such as:

Start immediate savings on your electricity bills

Get protection from future hikes in electricity costs

Extremely low maintenance cost

Very low carbon footprints

Inexpensive advantage

Advanced property value

These advantages make sure that there will be the best solution for electricity and a green environment if a solar rooftop solution is installed. We take complete guarantee of our product and service. There will be zero complaints on our on-site commissioning of the solar rooftops. Also, we offer the best solutions at the most affordable prices. Contact us anytime to place your order!

How does
solar rooftop

Why Nippon Energy as your rooftop solutions provider?

When you choose us and install our solar panels on your rooftop, you will start availing:

  • Immediate savings on your electricity bills
  • Protection from future hikes in electricity costs
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Lower carbon footprints
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improve property value

Solar Ground Mounting

Offering turnkey onsite solar solutions from designing and installation to maintenance, leaving our customers free to focus on their core business.

Just provide us access to your roofs and leave the rest to us. However before you commission a rooftop solar plant, a few feasibility checks need to be conducted. You could easily conduct them yourselves or even better, leave the hassle to us, as we would be sending our experts for a check.

Engineers at Nippon Energy will evaluate the location of the ground mount solar system installation thoroughly, before recommending a customised solution. We come up with a high-quality solution that will be based on your requirements, meeting safety and regulatory compliances.

Whether you are looking to install ground-mounted solar solutions or rooftop solar solutions, GCC/Japan are ideal for low-cost and high-efficiency solar generation. Nippon Energy is committed to only offer the best onsite solar solution for your requirements.

Solar Carport

Spending years in the market of the GCC/Japan, Nippon Energy is redefining the idea of canopy structures and commercial carports. We are determined to provide renewable energy in the GCC region, we offer developers and installation experts for solar carport systems in UAE. We also offer a comprehensive line of carports that are specific for solar applications. These systems have gained enormous popularity on the commercial and industrial levels.

This acts as an advantage for larger parking areas and generates the most cost effectively-effective solutions to electricity while providing the opportunity of a shaded parking area for public and everyday users.

Nippon Energy expertise in Carport installed with Solar Panels. We take a thorough visit to your drive and parking area, then configure the carport project by providing our already designated Carport installed with solar panels. We also provide custom made solutions to generated cost-effectively solutions to help you in your clean energy project.

Benefits of Solar Carports

Systems are simplifying and producing economical alternatives to expensive and complex systems which are mounted on the roof.

The existing area is utilized to generate power which saves a lot of sum on sacrificing valuable money over real estate.

These solar carports increase energy production vastly during your project of clean energy.

Little to zero maintenance is required by these permanent solar carports and trellis.

The repair and maintenance service is easily accessible due to the designs and structure.

The general public and everyday users can be benefited from shaded car parking.

Services of Project Development

The layout of site and configuration of coverage

Structural engineering and architectural design

Analysis of PV panel including the alignment, layout, optimization and orientation

Provision of high-quality preview of project before installation

Reliable delivery and mounting of PVP Panel

Installation and maintenance including the foundation of steel

Contact our experts to obtain these unlimited benefits of solar carports.

Energy storage solution

Solar energy has been an excellent alternative source of energy if you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint or wish to purchase power cost-effectively. Businesses are considering renewable sources of energy, it has become imperative to find ways to store this energy to be able to use it on-demand. It is critical when one considers the disparity between production and consumption of energy in a power system.

At Nippon Energy, we offer your business a Lithium-Ion-based Energy Storage Solution (ESS) that can address the concerns of power imbalance at zero investment. Nippon will design, invest, install, commission, and maintain Lithium-ion based Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). The ESS will reduce operations downtime by instantly switching over to Stored power. In comparison to traditional lead-acid technologies, Lithium-ion solutions are safer, occupy lesser space and deliver a lower cost of ownership.

How does the Energy Storage Solution work?

the Grid
Online mode

  • Grid energy is the preferred source of energy at the site (solar/grid electricity)
  • The battery gets charged using grid power
  • Load is powered from the grid

the Grid
Offline mode

  • Power for the load is supplied by the battery
  • When the ESS is no longer able to provide energy, power shifts to the diesel Genset
  • The controller optimizes the diesel Genset for optimal efficiency and lowers fuel consumption
  • Control of operations is restored to grid online mode once grid power resume

Hydrogen- A fuel for present and Future

The most unifying element in the world is hydrogen. Most of our fuels and chemicals are hydrogen-based, however they are bonded in the shape of hydrocarbons or other hydrogen molecules. Strategies for producing carbon neutral and, thus, ecological fuels must be devised to prevent environmental damage caused by worldwide increases in Carbon dioxide emission. This necessitates, among other reasons, the use of alternative energy sources to manufacture hydrogen.

Renewable energy is the foundation of a CO2-free, renewable energy industry, and hence a critical innovation for achieving decarbonization by 2100. Its contribution to global energy production is increasing on a daily basis.


Our goal is to be a global leader in the generation of sustainable hydrogen.
We are developing solutions, forming collaborations, and researching numerous creative solutions in three primary project areas: industrial usage, transportation, and hydrogen as an energy vector.

To create a variety of industrial options, we combine the knowledge of all of our teams, globally. Our regional roots are a significant asset in bringing together various economic and institutional parties to engage on building initiatives around the region.

Our Scope:

To Produce Green Hydrogen
  • Network for system and facility power and management
  • Concepts for improving energy efficiency
  • Condition - based and preventative analysis are all part of investment management.
  • Control of safety and protection
  • Assistance for Analysis techniques and Diagnostics
  • Generators for hydrogen compressors with high efficiency and low energy consumption.
To transport and store hydrogen:
  • Power and robotics equipment that is containerized and flexible
  • Robotic and controller technology for tank farms
  • Pumping facilities and converters
  • Platforms for pipework, robotics, measurement, telecommunications, protection, and surveillance
  • Identification of leaks


Chemical Companies & Energy Production
  • Flexible and transshipment network for power and management
  • Full electrification, robotics, and optimization are all included in the statement of work.
  • Equipment for hydrogen-powered transportation
  • Performance testing and utilization reduction are carried out throughout the system.
  • Alternatives to energy sources include fuel cells.
  • Urban areas have controlled windmills.

How can we benefit you?

Organizations that invest in hydrogen's promises and possibilities are paving the path for a carbon-free future for the world's energy. Process knowledge, as well as an aspirational yet achievable evolutionary plan that provides an immediate yet incremental transition strategy, are required for long-term development.

You need a companion who comprehends all of the processes required in transitioning an electricity value chain from CO2-intensive to CO2-free processes - from main energy production to determining the best energy mix to point of sale - and therefore can offer and incorporate a system implemented to match, third-party technology.

In a range of conventional sectors, technology that allows for energy-efficient and low-carbon operations.

Strong fusion and project implementation skills, a track history of fully implementing and delivering complicated operations, and global technology and technical partners.

To promote the development of clean and renewable energy sources, new energy models are being developed.

With extensive skills in delivering renewable energy projects and a strong dedication to aiding all consumers in making the changeover to cleaner energy, we are committed to a clean energy future.

Purpose of using Hydrogen in decarbonisation:

The world economic growth emissions reductions is one of the most pressing issues today. The best way to overcome this problem is to keep expanding renewable resources, as well as the idea of sectorial linking, which entails integrating resources into developed industry, energy, and transportation networks via green hydrogen Power-to-X technologies.

Hydrogen, more than almost any other element on the globe, has the greatest chance to aid us decarbonize the world's trade, accomplish our climate targets, enhance the stability and durability of our power generation, and build new sustainability initiatives.

It's almost the only fuel with a color theme that changes based on the manufacturing method. While grey hydrogen is primarily produced from organic gas using a procedure known as steam methane reforming (SMR), blue hydrogen is made via carbon sequestration. Both techniques emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide. Using PEM electrolysis, we produce "green" hydrogen from sustainable power, making a vital role in the global energy revolution.

How is hydrogen an ideal fuel?

It generates virtually no other harmful emissions and releases zero CO2 when it is used directly as a fuel. It doesn't get any cleaner than that. The universe's basic and most common element may also be utilized to receive and transfer energy generated from renewable sources, either as a gas or a liquid, so that it can be used when the wind is blowing or the Sun rises.

Additional benefit of H2 is that it already has the equipment and specialized pipelines needed to produce it in all of its color variations.

The pillars of a stronger hydrogen production chain are based on factual expertise. The advancement of these new end-use innovations will boost and accelerate H2 adoption, as well as the ramping up of existing technologies.

Why do we need to use hydrogen now?

Hydrogen's appeal has grown throughout the energy industry. The use of hydrogen to generate power will allow governments around the world to reach their climate-neutral policy for 2050. Oil and gas interest has risen and dropped in synch with those products' prices. With increased worries about global warming and a knowledge of hydrogen's ability to accomplish massive reduce emissions, enthusiasm in all kinds of hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen generated with renewable power, has grown throughout the industry. Only hydrogen can ensure the continued growth of the renewable energy industry, and with it, the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

We presume that a thriving and viable ecosystem necessitates effective cooperation with specialists from across the supply chain, as well as knowledge and experience in real and linked areas of application, and, most notably, a comprehensive, inclusive approach of the remedies and reaches that can frame the supply chain.

Hydrogen solution across the value chain:

We have established as a prominent participant in sustainable hydrogen, with worldwide operations the full hydrogen value chain, from renewable energy production to end uses:
Green hydrogen is an important part of the energy mix. It create more sustainable modes of transportation by storing energy and making it accessible when alternatives are not generating energy. And commercial usage should be decarbonized

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