Best outdoor lighting solution to protect wildlife and environment

Smith 02 Dec, 2021

It is a known fact that predators hunt at night and the prey takes cover in the darkness of the night sky. However, artificial light makes it difficult to happen. This causes the natural flow of both the predators and the prey to hamper, thereby threatening the wildlife.

Secondly, endangered species are increasing due to the disruption of mating rituals of certain amphibian species. These species reproduce during the night and the outdoor lighting disturbs and confuses them. As a result, we have an addition of endangered species with every passing year.

Lastly, the birds are greatly impacted and at significant risk due to artificial outdoor lighting. Birds use night vision to travel during late evening or in the darker skies. However, the massive use of artificial lighting may lead the birds to get confused with moonlight and artificial light.

This becomes the biggest reason for injury and fatalities in the birds and animals who hunt at night. Now, let's talk about our environment…

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